Better Off Dead EP


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released May 23, 2017


Recorded and Produced by Curtis Price



all rights reserved


BRAINBUSTER Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Mr. 0
I'm a grower not a shower call me Mr Fantastic
That's right baby got the surprise package
Walk into the bar looking fucking slimy
None of these bitches will ever tie me down

All of my friends are exactly like me
Good for nothing and fucking horny
Guilt and shame they are my trophies
underachieving into your panties
I'm the guy you wish you didn't know
That's why they call me Mr. 0

The feeling's all that matters yeah fuck protection
Sleep with me you'll Get The Infection
I'll say whatever I need to score
Then tell all your friends you're a fucking whore, you slut

Mr. 0
Track Name: Fighting Slugs
Doctor's notes they never really got us there
Everything just seems so way up in the air
But the time we spent
2 years wasted just went by so fast
But at least it is all in the past
Now i'm left with my

Broken memories through tears
Oh my dear
Through these years
Tried to fight away your fears
Drunk on tears
I would fight away all your fucking fears

Everything she said would just condescend
But it seems that her life may soon end
And I just don't care
2 years wasted just went by so fast
But at least it is all in the past
Now i'm left with my
Track Name: Retaliate
Swallow the pills
kill the pain
Don't know how my life turned out this way
Chubby kid
no confidence
I thought I was worthless it just made sense

Don't give a fuck
What you say
punks for life I have no shame
Fuck your community
Of caring systems
it only creates a society of victims

If somebody hits you
Fucking attack
Fuck the friends that stab you in the back
Now that I mention it
Fuck you Greg Smith
I wish I never met you you piece of shit

Fuck you Greg Smith
Track Name: Better Off Dead
Can someone teach me how not to feel
Without the help of needles and pills
Let's just go numb
So far gone we can't feel the wind
Not drunk but legally dead
My mind is gone

A river of thoughts flowing through my head
Makes me think I'd be better off dead
I jump into it as I pray it drowns me right away
Instead I float down stream hitting every rock along the way

When everything sucks
And they've taken all you've got
When your sitting in your room
And you're feeling fucking caught
When you feel like giving up
And your brain is feeling crushed
When the only thing you're sure of
Is my heads fucked